Monday, October 25, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

It has been awhile since I have blogged but thanks to an awesome new blog designed by my fabulous and creative SIL, Mary I am back! So much has happened and so much is about to happen but no need to worry because now I can keep everyone posted. 
It seems like everyone is pregnant and I found myself thinking "I want one" but oh what a bad idea that would be. I don't actually want a baby I just want something to care for.... so in attempts to heal my baby envy we got a wonderful little puppy named Zoey.  She has so much energy and she is so playful. It has been so sweet to see her learn her name and see her realize that Michael and I are her owners. This past week she lost her first two puppy teeth and I can not believe how tiny they are. We are working on the chewing but potty training has been a success!
Turning 20 this past weekend has been a bitter sweet experience. Leaving my teens makes me sound like more of an adult, I guess, but sounding like an adult sounds BORNING!! My teenage years were the best and they will be dearly missed. On the bright side when people see that I am married and ask how old I am, it is not followed by the question... oh did you get pregnant? My favorite!
On a brighter note...lets discuss school and how Michael can see the light at the end of tunnel! He is in his senior year and then he graduates! Grad school has also become a topic of discussion and it is looking like it is going to happen, however, where it is going to happen in completely up in the air which means where I will transfer is also 100% now unknown. In 1 year I will be graduating with an Associate of Arts and I will be looking for a 4 year institution! exciting right!! I KNOW! It seems like I have been going to school for forever and have nothing to show for it but that will soon change. The reason I am graduating and not just transferring anymore is because it means I can not start any lower than a junior where ever I go--which could be as far as 5 hours north or as far as 30 hours west---SCARY! however, I know the right decision will be made when the time comes. I am so excited to be a blogger again and i'll keep you posted! 

Thanks Mary!


Catherine said...

Hurray for new blog designs and new posts! I'm so glad you decided to do this I'll have more to read at work.

I also enjoy for you that you do not get the preggie questions...that is HILARIOUS!

Michael Plautz said...

I know!! Now I keep thinking if only something could happen so I could write about it!

It was so random that so many people just assumed because I am young and married I must have been a teen mom... I think it is because there are so many shows about it that it is just the first scenario people think of! LAME... what ever happened to just being in love?

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